Our Story

Our Story

Lane Park Church was founded as Christian Fellowship Upper Hutt by Hudson and Joan Salisbury in September 1977. Out of an experience of powerfully encountering God and fuelled by their heart to see the life and freedom of Christ come to many others, Hudson and Joan began by meeting on Sunday afternoons in their own home with 15 people at the first meeting.

From the very small beginnings to 50 people arriving regularly, it wasn’t long until larger venues were needed and we found ourselves meeting in school halls.

Having established the church, Hudson quickly established a team of elders whose foundations were drawn out of Philippians 2:3-4, Hebrews 10:24-25 and a strong personal commitment to relationship with each other.

Paul Jackson would take on the responsibility of leading the team of elders and serving the church pastorally. Paul carried this role for 25 years (1984-2007). We are so grateful both to Hudson and Joan for their initial vision and to Paul and Raewyn for their service and sacrifice through the years. We also recognise and appreciate all the elders and leaders who have served the community and helped develop our understanding of who we are in Him and how to express that in this city.

We very much appreciate those that have served in an external accountability function, from Peter and Linda Lynne, Barney and Janette Coombs and most recently Dennis Peacocke and KMI (Kingdom Ministries International). Dennis helped bring a significant theological shift within the church (see Core Beliefs – Kingdom) and brought the Strategic Life Training school. Bruce Billington who acts as our internal church consultant here at Lane Park Church, still runs the internationally functioning school and it's Business School partner. These schools continue to be used as a significant tool for discipleship and Business training for many around the world.

In the early 90’s we purchased our first building in Queen St. We had outgrown Queen St by the late 90’s and were able to purchase our current ‘Lane Park’ location. We converted the main factory floor into a large auditorium, developing some other spaces for smaller meeting rooms, and established a Business Centre.

In late 2006, with the change in eldership, Dennis released his formal role in providing apostolic counsel for the church. Dennis, Jan and the KMI Leadership team remain as close friends. We have freely embraced and sought apostolic input from others in the Body of Christ and will continue to actively seek out those relationships.

Both Lane Park Church and it's property are filled with so much potential and it is our desire to see this place fully used to be an expression of the Kingdom of God where we partner and support both church and community initiatives that brings life to people. While this has occurred to some degree, we are so excited for the future and look forward to continued development and growth of both church and property as we move forward.

In late 2013 the Eldership Team approached Jesse and Angie Northway with the possibility of relocating from the United States to come and partner with the Eldership Team to continue moving the church forward. Jesse had been a part of the congregation in years past and they relocated to NZ to join the leadership team in May of 2014.

The focus point from 2014 to the present has been to embrace the call of equipping the saints for works of service. Jesse was appointed into the role of Pastor at the start of 2017. Over this time a number of initiatives have been implemented into the core of Lane Park Church. Among revisiting vision, core beliefs and core values a number of other key foundational elements of church life have been established. There have been a number of different classes run to help people identify their gifting’s and step further into their purpose. We have instituted new ways of calling the church together for home groups, in our 'Home Group All In' campaign and have embraced programs like ‘Cleansing Streams’ to see people find freedom in Jesus. The 'Alpha' evangelism program has been reinstituted and a local outreach strategy called 'Go Church' has been setup with the intent of engaging the community around us with the love of Jesus. The church has gone through a process of intentionally looking to engage the world around us both in our engagement with our local community and through a more contemporary style of service on Sunday morning.

Jesse and Angie will be relocating back to the States in early 2019 and the church is looking forward to all that God has built and will continue to build as he calls new leaders to take us on the next leg of our journey in Him.