Meet the Team

anna aaron mckevitt

Anna & Aaron McKevitt

Anna and Aaron serve as the Youth Pastors here at Lane Park Church. They desire to see each youth encounter God for themselves. They love young people and want to see them thrive and grow, both personally and in their faith.

bruce billington

Bruce Billington

Bruce serves in an advisory capacity to the Elders and also distributes his time between managing the direction of the property of Lane Park and serving the Church through his extensive experience and love of the Word of God through preaching, teaching and training.

bruce mckevitt

Bruce McKevitt

Bruce serves on the Eldership Team and on staff working with Finance and Pastoral Care. Bruce has an eye for detail and a heart for people.

janette mckevitt

Janette McKevitt

Janette serves on the Eldership Team. Janette has a very pastoral heart, with a passion for families and mission.

jenni harris

Jenni Harris

Jenni serves on staff in an administrative support role and also oversees the kids ministry. Jenni oozes creativity in all she does and has a passion in creating things to help kids learn about Jesus.

kerry muller

Kerry Muller

Kerry serves on the Eldership Team and brings with her many years experience in leadership and a passion for theology to be made relevant and accessible to our lives.

peter muller

Peter Muller

Peter serves on the Eldership Team. A peace maker at heart, he brings encouragement in abundance to many areas of church life.

anne mason

Anne Mason

Anne serves as the office manager on staff. Anne has a passion to care for and connect people.